Free Space Combat Game

"... a remarkable and intriguing blend of the space fighter and RTS genres." -IGN

Allegiance is an online team-based space combat sim. You are a unit in a real time strategy game. Team commanders purchase upgrades, communicate tactics, and direct miners & base constructors.

Furious FPS Combat

Fly many distinct fighter craft with a vast array of weaponry or command massive capitol ships with turret gunner slots filled by real players.

FREE Online Multiplayer

Allegiance is completely free to play with no hidden fees. You have access to 100% of the available content at no charge.

Created by Microsoft

Microsoft released the game’s source code under a shared source license and the community has continued developing Allegiance.

CNET Editor’s Choice Award

"The easily grasped mechanics, thrilling human-vs.-human combat, and easy-to-learn yet hard-to-master strategy make for an amazing combination... For those who crave a new, exiting, massively multiplayer experience, Allegiance reaches addiction-level status."